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Why Buy a Used Car?


The single key reason anyone would buy a used car is the price. New cars can lose up to 30 percent of their sale price the moment an owner drives the vehicle off of a dealer’s property. Saving that much amount of money can mean the difference between a monthly payment that allows for budgeting for maintenance needs and one where you are always worried that something could go wrong.


There are other key reasons you will want to consider a pre-owned vehicle. You won’t buy a lemon or face any “teething moments” for vehicles that may have been launched and sold and later needed recalls repairing costly mistakes. In addition, your total cost to own will be lower in many cases: the reliability of cars and SUVs has never been better with cars now on the road for a decade or more. Most car insurance companies also base premiums on the value of the vehicle, so you can expect to pay less there.


That doesn’t mean that there are zero concerns, of course. You’ll need to do some homework when it comes to a pre-owned vehicle, which is why a certified used car can be such a benefit.


Issues with Buying a Used Car


When a new car rolls off a dealer’s lot, it comes with an express warranty for a set number of years and miles. The manufacturer, like Mitsubishi, is promising you that the vehicle will perform the way it is advertised for as long as those terms exist. However, once it is owned by someone else, you are at their mercy, or rather the mercy of their passengers and occupants.


This can create issues with using private sellers. Their prices may be somewhat lower than what you will see at a dealership, but you are assuming risk: have they done the right service on the car or SUV? How roughly has it been driven? Are there gremlins that they got used to such as weird steering or are there potential issues that could cost you many hundreds of thousands of dollars down the line?

While you can often look for a used vehicle report from CarFax or a similar agency, these only provide information about significant incidents that were reported to an insurer. Minor dings can become deep rust thanks to road salt and inclement Pittsburgh-area weather, to name just one example. Most car-buying experts recommend that you bring a knowledgeable mechanic with experience in the model you’re looking at before handing over your money.

Even if everything checks out, it can be harder to finance a used car that you are buying from a private seller. Since they are making no express promises to you, a lender may consider your purchase similar to a personal loan, rather than trust the reputation of some Joe on the street. This could affect your monthly payments and put you outside of your budget, making that supposedly affordable used car out of reach.


Eliminate the Hassle and Shop Certified Used Cars


Pre-owned vehicles can be a great way to save money, but there are always those concerns listed above. One way to avoid them and ensure that you have the best possible ownership experience is to consider a manufacturer’s certification program. At Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi, our certified, pre-owned vehicles are all inspected for more than 120 different areas for potential issues that include:

  • A road test for performance, shifting, and engine performance;
  • Interior parts analysis including power windows and locks, seatbelt quality, and air conditioning functionality;
  • Under-hood review of fluids, wire and harness wear, and fan and belt operation;
  • Corrosion of any underbody components and leaks;
  • Completion of any routine maintenance; and
  • Dozens more!

In addition to that, you get access to the same impressive warranty that you would get if you bought a brand-new 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander, Mirage G4, or other car or SUV. To be clear, that includes the remainder of the five-year, 60,000-mile limited warranty along with complimentary roadside assistance including towing, gas, and tire inflation.

Should anything go wrong, you don’t have to worry about taking your car into a service center either. Just like with our new models, all repairs will be covered for the term of the warranty, without any deductible. In addition, we can offer special financing through the manufacturer that may enable you to see lower monthly payments than you would expect compared to other pre-owned vehicles!

It all goes hand-in-hand with our belief at Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi that customers matter regardless of the vehicle that they purchase, and they deserve the same care and attention that we provide to all of our buyers.

Browse Our Latest Offerings


In addition to the warrantied certified pre-owned options on our lot, you can also browse our other used car listings here at Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi. We keep them regularly updated with our latest trade-ins so be sure to visit our website regularly, since the model you want may have just arrived on our lot!

Depending on your budget, we understand that you may opt for either a certified pre-owned model that includes the comprehensive inspection or vehicles from other makes that may offer more economical monthly payments. We offer both to help you find the best fit.


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When you search “certified used cars near me”, we know that Google will provide you with numerous options. However, few compare to the peace of mind that you can get when you log on to Jim Shorkey Mitsubishi. Between great prices, peace of mind through extended warranties, and the knowledge that expert mechanics inspected your next car or SUV, we’re proud of the vehicles we have on our lots.

Take a look at our latest models in the showroom or online.  Then work with the team that puts customers first and we’ll work together to get you behind the wheel of the best car or SUV for your needs.